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Video/TV/WEB Production

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"Jack" Dellis

About Brian

Specializing in story telling. Brian has been telling his unique stories through the medium of film and video for over four decades, having co-created and produced three long running TV shows and overseeing and producing videos at Lifetouch Media for almost 30 years, and the last 5 years on his own.  Brian has spent his entire life telling stories with this awesome medium.  You can also visit Brian's work on the Brian Dellis Productions YouTube channel and the Life to the Max YouTube channel.


Corporate Productions


Dynamic, informative, and emotional videos can present a company in a way that cannot be duplicated with any other medium. Whether it's chronicling an annual meeting, presenting a new product or honoring an employee, you can rely on Brian Dellis Productions to get the job done with creativity, substance and on budget!

Documentary & History

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Producing a documentary video depicting historical and factual events is not an easy task. Attention must be given to both subject details (so the presentation is accurate) and to the emotional way in which the details are delivered to the viewer.

Educational Institution Public Relations

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Educational institution promotional videos have been a mainstay of Brian Dellis Productions for over 30 years. Student recruiting, a bond referendum or program announcements are but a few of the niche uses of these types of unique video presentations.

Television &

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Video production in general requires artistic as well as technical skill. Video production for television is at a whole different level where efficiency and deadlines play a critical role! Brian has proven he is up to the task!

Special Events

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Video Projects can sometimes take a fair amount of time to produce but not here! Brian and his team are masters at producing a compelling and emotional video on the same day an event takes place which can be shown as a wrap-up or finale presentation! Now that takes skill and planning!


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One of the many ways well-produced and emotional video programs can be used is for the advancement of philanthropic endeavors. Charities and other non-profits depend on their messages getting out to, and motivating potential supporters. This type of production defines Brian Dellis Productions!

Behind The Scenes

Customer Projects

What They Say
Roger Nygard, Filmmaker

Roger Nygard 
Filmmaker and Emmy nominated Editor of HBO's "VEEP" & "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

"I have been working with Brian Dellis since we collaborated on the documentaries Trekkies and Six Days in Roswell. Brian is a master of every aspect of production: shooting, sound, and particularly editing, delivering projects with impact. I have been amazed at what he can do on any budget, no matter what the challenge."

Mike Max, Producer

Mike Max
TV Personality/Journalist, Radio Host, Producer/Writer

"Brian and I go back over 30 years and have produced hundreds of projects together (including our 11 year run with Life to the Max TV). His creative, quick decision approach is unrivaled in our market and his passion and work ethic make him a true joy to work with."

David Loeslie, Executive

David Loeslie
Former Senior Director Lifetouch/Shutterfly


Paul Grandrud
Educational Space Specialist
Premier Furniture & Equip.

"For the past 13 years Brian and I have worked closely in creating videos for schools and school districts.  He is extremely talented, not only at telling the school's story through the use of video, but also in creating that customer loyalty all businesses are looking for.  I always tell people the videos are great and a game changer for the schools, but the real win for me is how I have been elevated to a partner/friend with my customers! Brian plays a huge part in this great relationship!  I highly recommend working with Brian Dellis Productions if an effective and moving video is your objective!"

"I have been fortunate to work with Brian Dellis and Brian Dellis Productions over the past 20+ years.

Brian's projects are done with creative passion, attention to detail, and the latest technology.  Brian also dependably hits:  outlined deliverables , timelines and budget expectations.  Brian delivers quality work indoors, outdoors, in local markets or on location anywhere across the county.  

    The projects that we have collaborated on have always enhanced my customer relationships and have helped to drive better sales results.  I rest easy when Brian is on the job, because I know his work will elicit emotion and cause positive action with my target audiences."

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Brian Dellis Productions

3778 Mt Vernon Lane

Woodbury MN 55129


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